Chapter 3 of Here and Now has been posted:

The morning sun streamed through the bedroom, scurrying the darkness away. Kate woke up to a warm body pressed flushed against her. Cracking an eye open, she looked down to see that Ryleigh had somehow managed to turn herself around during the night. Kate had tossed the covers off of her at some point, and Ryleigh’s head was at her knee and she had one armed looped over her mother’s thigh, holding her close. Scanning the room, which now had a dull orange-y glow to it, Kate’s eyes fell on the clock on her side of the bed. 7:30 AM. She closed her eyes in thought, debating on whether she wanted to get up or not, but with the warm little body cozied up to her and the soft snore of her husband, it was hard to think of doing anything else rather than lying in bed with them. So she opted to do so. She shifted her leg a little to turn onto her side, and Ryleigh stirred a little, smacking her lips in her sleep, continuing to hang on to Kate’s leg. (Read More)

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